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So, have you tried to restore your gas supply and nothing is working? It turns on, but then off again?

Or, your gas meter is displaying the message 'OVERLOAD'?

Why is this and what should you do?

To explain it simply, OVERLOAD is a safety feature, it means the gas meter has detected a flow of gas being pulled from your meter to an appliance within your home. In other words a gas appliance for example, your gas hob, or gas fire has been left on.

The gas meter will not automatically switch back on, until all gas appliances within your home have been switched off.

You'll need to check all gas appliances in your home to ensure everything is switched off.

Go back to your gas meter and on the keypad push the blue A button.

The meter will display 'Press A to connect' - press the blue A button again.

The meter will then display 'Press B to confirm' - press the red B button.

Your gas supply should now turn back on safely, however wait one minute before turning the gas appliances in your home back on. Ensure you always turn them on first at the main switch, and then at the appliances on/off or reset button.

Watch our handy video for a step-by-step guide below 😀👍