Howdy everyone, I do hope you are doing well? 🤗

Does anyone feel as though the colder months just creep up really sneakily, and you find yourself having to suddenly battle over whether you turn the heating on or not. There is that age old household argument of "Can I put the heating on" vs "Put a jumper or two on, you'll be fine!"

Nonetheless, preparing for the colder months is never a bad idea, and now you can, with our Winter Saving Scheme!

Start saving now and spend less in Winter! ❄️ The all-new Winter Savings feature in the My Utilita app helps you prepare for the colder months – by allowing you to put aside a little extra money ready to top-up your credit when Winter comes around. Simply find Winter Savings in your My Utilita wallet, choose the amount you’d like to save and watch your savings grow.

You can find out more by watching our handy video below, and by clicking here! 👍