Hello everyone,

Just a very quick message to let you all know that up until recently, we have been experiencing SPAM posts on the Utilita Community.

Firstly, I wanted to reassure you that your safety and private details/security will in no way be compromised, or lead to anything unsafe for you.

SPAM is fairly normal on forums, however, it is something we do not take lightly and we ban every single spam account we see that behaves in this manner.

We have met with our platform providers to ensure we eradicate this and a number of process changes have been implemented which will ensure all future spammers will not be able to enter the community or send messages.

We really appreciate your patience and cooperation and are so thrilled to have every member on board the Utilita Community.

Any member can feel free to report and tell us about spammers, or any messages you are concerned about, including members that are being rude/inappropriate; that is part of being a community member, so... if you see anything that is inappropriate or breaking the community guidelines, please inform me, your Community Manager.

You can ‘flag’ posts you are concerned about by clicking the below flag icon on any post!

I hope this helps? Please let me know if there is anything I can add to this thread!

Your Community Manager,

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