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    When will Utilita start taking new customers please? The phone number say 'this line is only for new customers, than they go on to tape on how to fill in form if you have moved into a new home with Utilita' on and on and on. What is going on please? I have a window to transfer up to 31st Aug to get electric from Utilita Two number use are 0345 207 2000 and 0345 206 8777

    June electric use = 11Kw gave me a £10 bill of that Standing Charge was £7.50.
    I look in to your inability to take on new customers, I believe it's because you need to up grade your Smart Meters from SMETS1 to SMETS2. If I can get a SMETS2 from my present suppler would that help extricate my application?
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    @Gosport69 Hi there - we are no longer taking on any new customers at present.

    Sorry for any disappointment this causes. We do not have any future dates we can give at this point for when we will be taking any new customers on.

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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