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  • melissa26503's Avatar
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    I have topped up my electric meter since last week £90 to only got £5 plus my emergency credit yea it went over on to friendly credit this is the problem and is getting people in to debt today I got £66 and had to put £48 on to get £5 plus my emergency credit is there any body that knows if I can apply to a different company that is cheeped and that doesn’t have the friendly time on the meter power up is enough with out this as well. So In 10 days I have got £10 electric yet put £90 on my electric
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @melissa26503 Hi there,

    As I have explained before, you are not forced to use Friendly Credit hours - it is purely there to stop people going off supply if your balance goes below £0.00 during the Friendly Credit hours.

    You can avoid using this if your balance is in a positive balance during these hours.

    In regards to your top-ups, even if you were paying back any Emergency/Friendly Credit you had used - it would not eat that amount of top-up up.

    Emergency Credit is £15 limit and Power Up amounts are capped at £40 & £60 respectively.

    You would only ever pay back what you have spent & used. There is no interest charged ever.
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