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    My smart meter is not reading my gas meter and has been like this since Christmas! Everytime I top up I have to get down on the floor to feed in the long digit code and I am 69 and suffer from arthiritis so have difficulty getting down and up again. Everytime an engineer comes out he gets it to connect and then says to wait 24 hrs for it to update. 4 days later still not connecting. I cannot go on like this and I really need something doing urgently. I am considering moving to another supplier as really not happy😪
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
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    @Heatherc118 Hi there - and so sorry to hear this!

    Have they explained to you exactly what the issue is?

    Can you pop me your customer ref number in a private mail to me by clicking the link in my signature below.

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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