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  • melissa26503's Avatar
    Level 2
    Could someone help me understand my smart meter with the so called Friendly Hours.along with the Power Up, Electric let’s me Power up but then still charges me me for the friendly hours so now my electric is ok but I can not Power Up my gas is only in debt £12 why will it let me power up electric with debt of now £54.yet not my gas. Biggest mistake was having smart meter installed.
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @melissa26503 Hi there, and sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Power Up for your gas.

    Here is a list of the possible reasons why.

    Sometimes there will be certain circumstances where you’ll be unable to POWER UP, typically these tend to be:

    • You still have credit available on your meter
    • You have more than £50 debt on a meter
    • You requested a POWER UP for your other meter over 10 hours ago
    • You have requested an account credit from our Extra Care team over the phone
    • You don’t have a smart meter
    • We’re not able to communicate with your smart meter

    I hope this helps?
    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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  • melissa26503's Avatar
    Level 2
    I have been again to top up £20 on gas I only owe the meter debt £5.90 it has not even given me my emergency credit. My electric debt on meter is &50 I have emergency on that and can power up but not my gas so now I have still no gas and no money to buy any more also no calling credit to phone up regarding my issue
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