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  • Denchad's Avatar
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    When are the march bills going to be generated
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
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    @Denchad Hi there!

    Funnily enough, @rougvie83 has also notified me that they cannot see the bill too!

    Please see the update that I have provided to them below 🤗

    "I have just checked with our App Team to alert them of this, and this is currently being worked on to get a fix as soon as possible.

    In the mean time - I have been made aware bills are being printed and should be sent out by the end of the week.

    We aim to have bills showing within in My Utilita app by next week.

    Can you do me a favour and let me know as soon as you have your bill via post and can then see the bill in your app again for the month of March?"

    If you can let me know also when you have the above - that would be brilliant 👍

    Thanks again! 🤗
    Rebecca - your Community Manager
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