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  • melissa26503's Avatar
    Level 2
    After topping up my gas meter it is saying on my Home Screen gas supply off enter code manually so I have Rejected it says and is now saying top up meter £26 to restore my gas.even with using the emergency credit it should still be enough for me to go straight back on to my emergency credit . And as for the friendly time that is another money taker so now I have no gas on used my last £25 to get nothing so it wants me to put another £26 on so a total of £50 it would need to get £15 emergency credit . Also it will not let me use my power up ither
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @melissa26503 Hi there, sorry to hear this.

    My best advice would be to try calling up the contact centre - the lines should be very quiet now - and the advisor will be able to look at your account and have access to it, to see exactly what has happened and help get this sorted out.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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