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  • Turtletom's Avatar
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    Cut a long story short.

    Moved into property which had utilita prepayment installed already so have opted to leave it pay as you go as it was smart meter so I could monitor and track usage, costs etc. The electric side works fine but the gas never connects.

    Have had 3 engineer appointments (first 2 never turned up) the third said he couldnt find nothing wrong but after speaking to head office they advised to replace the meter and the in home display unit.

    He left and advised that it would take an hour or 2 to sort it self out. This time has passed and still the app don't show no gas usage whatsoever.

    I have also deleted the app and reinstalled but it still isn't having it.

    What else could be wrong?
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
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    @Turtletom Hi there,

    Can I just confirm after reading your message - you say that you were advised by the Head Office to have a totally new smart meter and In Home Display replacement - did you get these replaced?

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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