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  • Bella77's Avatar
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    Electric top up not gone in and not showing in payment history but funds taken from my bank ??? An hour on chat got disconnected now on hold for almost an hour on phone !!!!
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  • Bella77's Avatar
    Level 1
    Now I’ve just been disconnected after 55 minutes whilst speaking to agent to try rectify this. It’s a joke this is the third time this has happened and I’ve lost my money on previous two occasions and had to buy more electric without compensation. Even after I’ve provided proof of transaction and proof of no payment history or top up code being produced ??? Daylight robbery and when I already spend on average £240 just in electric this is not acceptable
  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Bella77 Hi Bella!

    So sorry to hear this! That is not ideal - Monday's are the busiest times for the Contact Centre but that is no excuse for the cut off, I can only assume there was something wrong with the phone lines our end.

    Can you pop me a private mail with your full address and best contact number (link to do this is in my signature below) - once I have this I can get a call back escalated on your behalf 🤗

    Rebecca - your Community Manager
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