if I click the link on the website to book an install date and enter my details, it says I already have a smart meter so I cannot continue any further. I have a legacy gas meter and a first generation electricity smart meter. As a result I can't use the app to transfer credit I still have to visit the shop to top up two separate cards. The last five months I've spent dozens of hours on the phone to customer service, only to be told each time my issues have been escalated and someone will call me, nobody has. It usually takes at least 45 minutes each time to get through and I regularly get disconnected whilst I'm on hold. i've never had a prepayment meter before it was in the property when I moved in, I want to be able to top up the meters whilst I'm working away - Would I have more luck if I said I wanted to move to direct debit, or should I just close my account and go to another company? Has anyone else had any success or got any tips?