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    I have spent over an hour on the chat today with a live advisor trying to find out when I will receive my January 2024 warm home discount payment. The advisor was completely clueless. They kept trying to pass the buck, but I wasn't having it. After an hour of going round and round in circles, I am still no further forward in finding out when I am going to receive my payment. I have always been credited directly to the electric meter in the past, but I've been told I am now going to receive a voucher. I don't know why I'm suddenly going to be issued a voucher rather than my meter being credited directly. It's never been explained to me.

    A customer service advisor from Utilita rang me yesterday to tell me I would receive my January 2024 payment of the warm home discount by the end of the day. She said she would send me an email. Of course I didn't receive it.

    Is anyone else still waiting for their January 2024 voucher? Does it come through the post or is it via an email?

    I'm honestly livid with this company, their live chat is as much use as a chocolate fireguard and you have to contact Utilita multiple times to try to get an answer.
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    @Ferrygirl1 Hi there - if we have your email then they will be sent via email - please ensure you are checking your junk email box too.

    I would allow until the end of Jan, encase it has indeed been sent via post, to allow for postal time.

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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