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  • Philo69's Avatar
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    Utilita have been very supportive and helpful over the last few months by helping with financial issues. My debt is now just over £350 for both gas and elec.

    I am currently in friendly credit but on Monday morning my elec supply will go off, my gas is so ready off. Will I be able to get some more help until the 22nd when I get my UC
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Philo69 Hi there Phil, this is so great to hear that you feel so supported by Utilita.

    I can certainly take a look into this and escalate this request on your behalf.

    Please can you pop me a private mail using the link in my signature, with your full address and best contact number?

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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    Feel free to message me any time by clicking here
  • Jobie's Avatar
    @Philo69 hi ...when you say they helped you with financial issues did they help ? If you dnt mind me asking
  • Philo69's Avatar
    Level 1
    @Jobie hiya.

    on a number of occasions my gas and elec were due to run out before I got my wages or benefits. So I called them up or went in live chat and Utilita very kindly topped up my meters for me so I could get to my pay date. They have done this a number of times for me with no hassle or awkward questions. They really do want to help their customers. I pay the debt back at 10% of every top up.

    Hope this helps.
  • Jobie's Avatar
    @Philo69 thanks for the reply…im really glad that you got the help you needed ! but you must be one of the only few that they have helped….
    I asked for help when i was in debt and it ended up at a debt collection agency..i even asked can they put me on a lower tariff as im on highest because i dont pay by direct debit and it was a no again!……
    they even kept putting late charges on top…
    ive had enough now if they don’t help me this time im going to my local councillor,media etc

    thanks jo🙂
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