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    Switched to you on the 20th this month,problems with smart meter,you had maitainance for them on the 21st,i charged my meters using the the app today shows that electricity cant be read,on gas im getting in debtπŸ˜„ from 800 now reached around 2000...and that i am on friendly credit....offcourse my meters dont show that..they show normally the balance i what's up with this delay? not to mention I was a customer about 4 yrs ago and if i remember well the smartmeters where installed by Utilita..and will I get a IHD? Thank you
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    @danielszekeli Hey Dan πŸ‘‹ good to hear from you, and welcome back to Utilita!

    So, due to the complexity of this and to ensure that we sort your account out for you, I think what would be more appropriate in terms of a resolution is to get a call made to you.

    This stuff could be due to the previous tenant πŸ™‚

    Could you drop me a private mail (using the link in my signature) with your full address and best contact number?

    I am your Community Manager! πŸ˜€

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