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    I was wondering if someone can help with my query?

    I recently moved from British gas to utilita (account went live on the 13th November). I've installed the app to track my usage and spend as the smart meter reader that came with the house was dead when I moved in. The app shows that I currently owe substantial amounts on both gas and electric. When I left my previous supplier I was in credit with both gas and electric and I'm curious how I've went from credit to owing nearly 1000 pounds. The meters say estimated on the app but I'm currently getting notifications to top up or will lose supply so I'm unsure how to proceed.
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    @Cbloom Hi there! A warm welcome to the Utilita Community and Utilita as a new customer. 👋🤗

    So can I start by asking you, have you let us know officially with our change of tenancy team that you are the new occupier. The reason I ask this is because this sounds like it is highly likely that is could be to do with the previous tenants. We would need to get a tenancy agreement to show the date you moved in and then we can take some opening meter reads too, in order to add those to your opening account.

    If you could let me know the answer to that and we can go from there 😊
    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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