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    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I got a email from Utilita telling me of the new Auto pay. I had to phone customer service regarding a different matter, which got sorted quickly. When I was asked if there was anything else, I said yes. My partner is with Utilita and is on a credit meter. Her tariff is Les than mine , which is on a prepayment meter. The new Auto pay email states it's like direct debit, if this is true would you get a discount for paying by Direct debit. I think it would be fair if we got a discount for paying LIKE Direct debit. What do you think.
    Thanks Gordon Sime.
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    @Icicleike Hi there,

    Thank you for your feedback, I am currently liaising with our Head of Pricing and App for an official response and I will come back to you.

    Please note that Autopay was designed as a convenience feature within the app, to help ensure that you do not go off supply and are always topped-up. It was not designed to mimic Direct Debit.

    I hope this helps - and I will be back with an official response in regards to your tariff/pricing question as soon as I have an official answer.

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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    @Icicleike Hi there - I just wanted to confirm that I have spoken with our tariff team - and they can confirm that Autopay itself is only a feature to make top-ups simpler for Pre Payment Meter Customers, so they can budget a regular payment for their energy use, and making topping up even easier than an online or app-based payment.

    Autopay is not designed to be any way like a direct debit, and therefore, there is not really any link between direct debit and pre payment from that regard.

    You can find our tariff prices on our website to refer to pricing etc - and the way direct debit costs are calculated is dependant on the users usage habits, as well as how regularly they provide us with a meter reading, to ensure their bill is as accurate as possible. Therefore, it is not really accurate to compare your energy costs to another customer who is not on pre payment.

    I hope this helps?

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