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We were certainly lucky with the weather in the Outer Hebrides earlier this month - although the trip was far from a holiday.

Our team worked incredibly hard on the Scottish islands, which has the highest levels of fuel poverty in the UK. The trip centred around our Mobile Energy Hub, which was used to teach residents how to save money on their bills and be more efficient.

A few of the group also made trips to the most remote parts of the islands to ensure no one missed out. This wasn’t the first Utilita trip, so it was nice to meet up with our Hebridean social housing and charitable partners and engage with the local foodbank to offer support.

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Our High 5 booklets will be put into all the food packs going forward, which is an excellent way to share cost saving advice.

We even managed to make it to our Utilita-sponsored football festival at Back Football and Recreation Club. Based in the remote area on the Isle of Lewis, we sponsored the children’s Development Club by covering the cost of subs. On the night, our Football Rebooted campaign was introduced, which was met with a fantastic reception.

We can’t wait to visit again!🎉
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