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    As online scams are on the rise, we know that staying safe on the world wide web these days can be a little confusing in terms of security and knowing what information to give. It can be very difficult to recognise the difference between sources or people that need information to create or administer your account, and those who intend to use it for criminal purposes.

    Here at Utilita, we always aim to ensure that our customers are as safe as they possibly can be and know exactly how we communicate with you.

    To help you, we ‘ve put together a list of what you can expect from the people who represent us and the online correspondence you will receive from us.

    What can I expect from a Utilita Customer Service Adviser?

    We will always

    - When we call you, the adviser will give you their name and explain why they are calling
    - Ask you 4 data protection questions before discussing any of the details on your account
    - If you have set up a password on your account, they will confirm it with you before discussing the details on your account
    - The number we call you on will always be from a (01962) area code

    We will never

    - Ask you to confirm your bank details as a form of data protection
    - Ask you for your log in details for
    - Prevent you from speaking to a family member or friend if you feel uncomfortable

    If you have an active Direct Debit or have asked for a payment to be refunded into a bank account, we may get try to contact you if we believe the details we have are incorrect. If you feel uncertain confirming these details over the phone, don’t be afraid to ask the adviser questions to verify their identity.

    If you’re still unsure, we recommend you end the call, and then contact us on a recognised number e.g.03452 072 000 for our Customer Care team.

    How will you contact me on Social Media?

    We will always

    - We’ll only contact you using our official social media accounts – avoid any links sent from other accounts claiming to be us.
    - Look out for the blue tick against our social media name and handle when searching for us on Facebook and Instagram.

    Our official social media handles are:

    - @UtilitaEnergyUK
    - @UtilitaEnergyHub
    - @UtilitaFootball

    - @UtilitaEnergy
    - @UtilitaFootball

    - @utilitaenergy
    - @utilitafootball

    How will you email me?

    We will always

    - Ensure that our e-mails contain your Customer Reference Number
    - Be addressed to the account holder (or if a nominated contact if you have added one to your account)

    Email from these addresses:

    We will never

    - Ask you to confirm your bank details as a form of data protection
    - Ask you for your log in details for

    Keep an eye on the details! Scam emails often contain spelling mistakes or out of date / fake logos. If you are ever unsure, remember that you can always compare it to another Utilita email to check that it matches.

    How will you text me?

    We will always

    - If we require you to respond, we will make it clear why
    - The text will always come up with ‘Utilita Energy’ as the sender

    We will never

    - Ask for any personal details to be sent back to us in response to any text we send you

    What will you text me about?

    - Information about your smart meter install
    - Customer Service text surveys (these will normally require you to respond with a yes/no answer)
    - Occasionally we will send you important information, e.g. your top-up numbers
    - From time to time we will text promotional offers and customer incentive updates plus information about our products & services from Utilita Energy
    - Additional information to help you manage your account

    Is there anything else I should know?

    For extra security on your energy account, why not set up a password? We would use it to verify it’s you when you contact us on the phone, and it would be confirmed by our engineers and meter readers when they visit your home.

    If you would like to set up a password, please call our Customer Care team on 03452 072 000

    For more information on how to stay safe online and on the phone, please check out these links below:

    Cyber Aware campaign:
    Take 5 To Stop Fraud campaign:
    Utilita fraud prevention advice:
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