Let’s face it – 2023 up until the last week has been cold, cloudy – and we have had a serious lack of sunshine.

SO – now that the sun has finally appeared, it is so nice to have the windows open to air the home out. With that, what better time is there to have a good old-fashioned Spring Clean!

Did you know that having a spring clean of your living space not only can freshen your home up and make you feel organised and calm, it can also improve the energy efficiency in your home.

Here are a few ideas to help spring clean and improve your energy efficiency in one go:

Clean the Oven

Did you know that a dirty oven will make your oven work harder to power and heat it?
This is your sign to give your oven a deep clean. There are plenty of deep oven cleaning solutions you can get from your local supermarket or cleaning product store. It is a good idea to give it a deep clean every month to ensure it’s not overworking to heat it up.

Hoover your fridge coil

Did you know that behind your fridge collects a lot of dust – naturally, you do not tend to go behind your fridge too often, so it’s a good idea to pull it out every month and give it a quick hoover and clean.
This will ensure that it won’t work harder than is necessary.

Air dry your washing

Make sure to air dry your washing now the air temperature is warmer – not only will it cut your energy spend, it will also stop your home from being damp from the indoor drying. Furthermore, turn the tumble dryer off if you have one, as they are one of the most power-hungry appliances in the home.
Your clothes will smell a lot nicer outdoor dried too, win, win!

Update your light bulbs!

Did you know that although it may cost you a few £££’s up front, changing to energy efficiency lightbulbs will save you much more on your energy spend long term, so you will make that cost up and more in savings, not to mention the bulbs lasting much longer.
Furthermore, switching lights off in unoccupied rooms can save you up to £30 a year in energy costs!

Seal the air gaps

Whilst washing and cleaning your widows and window seals, which will help let the sun heat your room(s) up quicker – it is a good idea to also look out for any air gaps in the seals and window frames, which will retain the heat in your home, for now and in the colder months. You can purchase air leak tape at your local DIY store.

Use your (Shower) Head

Make sure that inside your shower head is not blocked with limescale and other clog ups. Opening it up and cleaning it out regularly will ensure the water pressure increase and therefore you waste less water in your showers.

Have you got any more tips to share to save energy now the weather is warmer? Share them with your fellow community members below in the comments section 👇
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