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Find out all the latest news and what’s going on in your local Utilita Energy Hub.
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    What is a Utilita Energy Hub?

    Our Hubs offer a safe space to discuss your energy use with a friendly face, helping local households across the nation to save. Our Energy Experts also support their local communities through volunteering, fundraising, and running energy efficiency workshops.

    The first Hub opened back in 2018 in Gosport, Portsmouth, with the aim to provide face-to-face customer support while supporting the local high street. Since then, we’ve launched 10 Hubs nationwide, you can check out our locations here. The Energy Hubs are now a one stop shop for all things energy - you can top-up or pay a bill with PayPoint and Payzone, speak to an Energy Expert about your energy use, make the switch to Utilita and even shop from affordable product range which offers bulbs and lighting accessories, to small electricals and seasonal items.

    What can you find in a Utilita Hub?

    When you walk into one of our high street Hubs, you’ll be able to find the following:

    - Lighting and mobile accessories products (energy efficient lightbulbs, phone chargers, charging packs etc).
    - Seasonal products e.g. valentines, Christmas, back to school etc.
    - Some of the hubs have sports merchandise e.g. Portsmouth FC, Southampton FC, Steelers (Ice Hockey).
    - You can top up with PayPoint and Payzone within the hubs.
    - Community room - local charities, community groups, businesses or individual people can book the room out to hold meetings, classes and even just to work from if they wanted.
    - Energy Experts to help with your queries.
    - Energy efficiency workshops.
    - Free hot drinks.
    - Football rebooted boxes.
    - Hartlepool have a Utilita Home range (cold wash gels, tap aerators, radiator reflector etc) and small electricals (slow cooker, microwave, air fryer)
    - Bill buster sessions.

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