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    Pancake Day! Some love it, and some aren't really bothered by it. 🤔 🥞 🍳

    Whether you celebrate it or not - there is no denying that the novelty of pancakes is a lovely one. It's something different for dinner or, desert. 😋

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    There are many benefits to pancakes - to start with they are cheap to make, and can be a fun alternative to a traditional dinner, if you make them with savoury toppings.

    To add to this, they are super quick to make, meaning you use less energy. And now with air fryers being the top energy saving appliance hack in most kitchen the past few years - there are now people using air fryers to cook their pancakes. Whatever works I say! 🤩

    Here are some top money saving tips from 'MONEYMAGPIE' for saving money on pancake day! 🤑

    Further to this, if you want to check out the debate on whether cooking pancakes in an air fryer really works - the 'Independent' have released an article detailing some tried and tested users cooking pancakes in their air fryers here!

    So, what will you be putting on your pancakes tonight? Here are some topping ideas for both savoury and sweet pancakes! 🥞

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    Sweet Topping Ideas

    - Nutella & Banana
    - Lemon & Sugar
    - Nutella & Strawberry
    - Maple Syrup, and fruit of your choice
    - Ice cream
    - Squirty Cream
    - Toffee, Strawberry, or Chocolate Sauce
    - Peanut Butter with Maple Syrup and Chocolate Sprinkles

    Savoury Topping Ideas

    - Cheese & Marmite
    - Cheese alone
    - Bacon & Maple Syrup
    - Brie stuffed pancakes with Bacon
    - Eggs Benedict Pancakes
    - Ham, Egg & Cheese
    - Paprika coated veggies and sour cream

    Can you think of any more to add to the above topping ideas? 🤔💬

    Make sure you pop them in the comments below for fellow community member inspo! 🤩 👇

    Also, we would love to know what you'll be having on your pancakes tonight! Share yours in the comments section below! 😍🤗 👇
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