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    Well, first of all let me just say, this is the worst energy supplier to be in service with! I have been with them for 6 months now and they had had £1042 off me and my family after cold calling on my door and promising they can beat whatever I was paying at that time. This is just a prepaid meter too! I'm not paying direct debit monthly, I'm just topping up. However, after reviewing everything and deciding that utilita are unaffordable for me and my family to the point that there rates are RIDICULOUSLY high, taking into account consumer rights! Having the right to CHOOSE to be with an affordable company, we got in contact with Utility Warehouse who would be happy to have us as a customer, however, the process to switch to them was to Contact Utilita to get them to switch my account onto a pay monthly account, just so we can move to someone who's more affordable. Utilita had the cheek to tell me that " you do not meet the criteria" The criteria being that we had to remain out of Emergency credit for 3 months in a row. My argument is, how can we meet the criteria if we are struggling to pay the current rates, which is causing us to have to top up at least £10 every 2 days! Causing us to run out of funds and then end up back in emergency again! It's a vicous cycle that we will.never get out of because utilita only care about money, they don't care how many families they are making suffer through entrapment into a service you tell them you can't afford!! I have an email stating we should only be paying £152 a month, which 1. Is still way too much! 2. They must be doing something dodgy considering we have put £162 on a key meter between 11 January and today the 26th January! And that is over the stated amount in our recent e.ail.feom them. They are refusing to put us on pay monthly so that we can switch to another company, therefore that's surely got to be entrapment is it not?? 3. I have children and they seem to think it's okay to keep us suffering no matter how many times I ring up and complain. They DO NOT adequately deal with complaints like how this forum states in the complaints section! I have been complaining about this to them since before Xmas 2022, I am now 6 weeks into this complaint, and they STILL continue to keep us paying something we can't afford! Surely this is unlawful?? I have two more weeks to wait and then I can get the ombudsman involved!! I have tried so many times to get out of there service and each and every time I ring them, they just put the phone to one side and walk away. I was on the phone with someone called Chris on the 25th January, he said he'd help us, and then he just left us on hold for over 45 minutes and then just hung up with no call back. I'm THIS close to walking Into the branch in chandlers Ford and creating a hell of a scene in there after the way I've been poorly mistreated over the phone so many times between Xmas and now!! They can't put me on hold if I turn up in person!!! IT IS NOT OKAY TO CAUSE MY FAMILY TO SUFFER LIKE THIS!!! UTILITA IF YOU ARE READING THIS. STANDBY FOR A SHITSTORM! I ASKED FOR A DEADLOCK LETTER. YOU REFUSED. I WILL BE PUSHING FOR THIS TO GO TO COUNTY COURT THROUGH THE OMBUDSMAN IF YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO ME AND WHAT YOU ARE CAUSING! IT IS NOT OKAY TO LET FAMILIES SUFFER AND TAKE THEM FOR EVERY PENNY THEY GOT! £6 A DAY FOR BASIC LIVING! UTILITA YOU ARE DODGY! AND I WILL SORT THIS THE LEGAL WAY!!!
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    Did you get this resolved?

    I am on verge of going mad myself
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