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    Hello lovely Community Members! 😊

    So - a common and ongoing goal for a lot of us can be to eat better and watch the pennies!

    Here we are sharing some money saving tips for cooking!

    Starting with 'Budget Healthy Recipes' taking inspiration from the BBC Good Food website. 😍😋

    From 'Easy Chicken Stew' to 'Creamy Pesto and Kale Pasta' - there is something for everyone.

    Easy Chicken Stew

    Perfect for these cold wintery nights, whilst also being budget friendly - this is the perfect warming dinner! Bonus, it's also low fat and healthy eating friendly!

    Prep: 10 mins

    Cook: 50 mins

    Cooking difficulty level: Easy

    (source: BBC Good Food -

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    Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry

    Another winter warmer - this spiced speciality will turn the heat up in your kitchen! Another healthy option and low cost option at the same time!

    Prep: 10 mins

    Cook: 20 mins

    Cooking difficulty level: Easy

    (source: BBC Good Food -

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    Creamy Pesto & Kale Pasta

    Perfect if you are a vegetarian, or trying to eat less meat (which can save you money off your food shop bill) healthy and filling at the same time! Win, win all round!

    Prep: 10 mins

    Cook: 25 mins

    Cooking difficulty level: Easy

    (source: BBC Good Food -

    To find out more from these BBC Good Food 'Budget, Healthy Recipes' click here!

    What did you cook, and do you have any recipes to share? We would love to know in the comments section below! 🤩🤗
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