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    Did you know that by using the most energy efficient cooking appliance for the meal you are cooking will save you up to £202 a year.

    Is it something small that can fit in the air fryer to save heating the huge oven up? Or perhaps a stew in the slow cooker in these cooler winter evenings?

    How we’ve calculated it
    After identifying the three main areas of energy savings at home, we completed a study of 5,000 households and asked them which of the 15 ways to save covered by our High 5 they were already doing.

    The findings revealed that three of the most effective ways to save are being ignored by 40% of households. We feel it’s important to flag these three ways to save, so no one misses out on the potentially significant savings that can be made.

    All energy usage data is based on Energy Saving Trust Infact Report (September 2019 / June 2021) and Utilita’s Review of the Energy Cost of Cooking (September 2022). All energy costs are based on the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee (September 2022). Savings may vary as many factors will be important in determining your actual savings.
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    Airfryer is great, but limited. It’s ok if you live by yourself or a couple. It’s saved me because I live in rented accommodation and have no choice but to use an electric oven. I will admit I bought an airfryer following the tips, and it’s great.
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    @Kateh Ah, I do have to agree! 🙂 It is just my husband and I - and it comes in handy when we are cooking a stir fry on the gas hob and then if we want to cook some spring rolls or any 'sides' - it is SO handy to not have to pop the oven on, wait for it to heat up and all the energy that we would have to use for the sake of a few little sides. This is when I really notice how handy it is - especially with the reduction of energy it uses and how it heats up so much quicker than an oven.

    That is great to hear that the tips influenced you. I must admit - I was sceptical when I got mine. Like you say - we could not fit both a pizza and chips in at the same time - so I questioned how feasible it was. But it really does come into its own when you are only cooking something like 'chips alone' - and it crisps my chips up so well.

    This weekend, I put some Sainsbury's frozen pan au chocolates in - and they came out beautifully in the air fryer.

    Please do share any tips you have - you can create a new post by clicking here detailing any top tips you have. I know I speak for not just me, but the rest of the members when I say it would go down so well! 😍
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