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  • Cathyl58's Avatar
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    Hi I wonder if anyone can advise exactly how to go about adding a household member to My Utilita so they can use the App too for top ups etc? Thank you.
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Cathyl58 Hello! It should be under the 'account users/details' section 😊

    Alternatively and probably the better option - if they have the customer ref number - they can make their own account on My Utilita which will allow them to use the app just as you can and top-up/see the balance etc. 😊

    I hope this helps? 😊

    I am your Community Manager! 😀

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  • Cathyl58's Avatar
    Level 1
    Hi Rebecca thanks for your reply. When we tried to set up the account for the additional householder on the app, it said the email address was incorrect/not the one connected to the customer account (as though only the person named as the utility account holder could use the app)? Will the additional householder need to set up a My Utilita account online before attempting to use the app? Thank you.
  • Cathyl58's Avatar
    Level 1
    We just tried again to set up a separate My Utilita account online for the additional member of the household and got the same error message - see screen shot in attachment.

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  • AlexBB's Avatar
    Hi, this thread is a little old by this point, but, here in November '23, I had the exact same issue, but managed to work around it.

    It's the DoB matching that is the weird sticking point. The workaround (to just get the extra household member an account) is to just use/enter the DoB of your housemate who already has an account. This means that the DoB for your account will be wrong, but that's the only info that will be wrong. This might seem a little absurd - why Utilita seem to think everyone living in the same house must have been born on the same day is a mystery for the ages.

    I also haven't seen a way to subsequently modify the DoB for your account. If Utilita could comment on this, that will be appreciated, thank you.
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