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  • Sheddy66's Avatar
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    It is June 2022 and this on-going problem goes on and on. I want to keep an eye on usage but it's a no go every single day.
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  • Rebecca's Avatar
    Head of Community
    @Sheddy66 Morning Sheddy and welcome to the Utilita Community 😀

    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues - there could be several reasons this is happening - from bad signal between your In-Home Display and main smart meter, to having technical issues with the two linking.

    As this is account specific - and the Community is for general non account specific issues - this would usually require you to speak to a CSA advisor on Live Chat, Phone etc. However, as you say this has been ongoing and there has been no resolution - on this occasion, I can escalate this to our Customer Experience Team to investigate.

    Please could you send me a private mail with your full address and/or customer reference number.

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    Head of Community
    @Sheddy66 Hi I deleted your last comment as you put it in the public domain which is a data protection risk for you - as this is a public forum.

    Can you re-send it by privately messaging me. You can click here to private message me.
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