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  • Telephone Number
    Kezwil82 Hi πŸ˜€ The general phone number is 0345 207 2000 ​​​​​​​Hope this helps? see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Thank you so much for this! It really helps! I am going off to take this to my App Team for investigation and will report back as soon as... see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Hiya - I have gone back into the business and can confirm the cost function has not been removed. You can attach a screen shot of this... see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Ok Chris, I would still like to investigate this for you - especially as you are unhappy about it and raising it to me as your Community... see more
  • Gas usage
    Chrisheron Hello there - this is certainly not the case. If you could send me a private mail with your account number and some screen grabs with... see more
  • Gas usage
    DeniseLynn How strange! If it is still only displaying the KwPh and not the actually monetary figure - please can you drop me a private mail with... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Val Hello Val! πŸ˜€ An incredibly warm welcome to you, it's sooo nice to hear from you and it already sounds like you are going to be a valuable member... see more
  • Welcome to the 'Utilita Giving' Board!
    Val Morning πŸ˜€ A very warm welcome and hello! Of course! Anything that will help the community members and be eco friendly I am sure we will all love... see more
  • Love is Love! Join us to celebrate 50 years of Pride.
    Rainbow flags at the ready… It’s time to celebrate 50 years of Pride! Since the first Pride rally in London on 1 July 1972, inspired by the 1969... see more
  • Financial Assistance Towards Gas/Electricity
    @SueBoo1971 Hello! πŸ˜€ Not a problem! We have a thread on how Power Up works on our Help and Support Board here. You can also use the search bar on... see more
  • Gas usage
    DeniseLynn Hello! πŸ‘‹ Nice to hear from you, hope you're well? Can I ask what you are viewing this usage on? App or In-Home Display? πŸ˜€ see more
  • Financial Assistance Towards Gas/Electricity
    SueBoo1971 Hey! I am sorry for my delayed reply, I did not get notified of your response as you did not tag me in it πŸ˜€ if you could hit the 'reply'... see more
  • Financial Assistance Towards Gas/Electricity
    SueBoo1971 Hello Sue πŸ‘‹ and a warm welcome to the Utilita Community. Can I start by asking if you have the My Utilita app? Rebecca - your... see more
  • Need Help Restoring your Supply?
    Need help restoring your supply? If you’ve topped up after the weekend with Friendly Credit Hours, but the smart meter is still off, simply... see more
  • Maximum credit
    Hi there! πŸ˜€ If you are referring to Emergency Credit/Power up - we have blogs on these which I have linked below for you πŸ‘‡ Emergency Credit... see more
  • Ways to celebrate the Queen Platinum Jubilee
    The Jubilee Week is finally here! In February 2022, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after... see more
  • Bills
    Jedi77 Hi there, if you are on a direct debit which is sounds as though you are - then the charges would be broken down on your monthly bill. Due... see more
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