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  • Telephone top up
    Hi Tezza99 The smart meter is the one with the red and blue buttons and keypad, what you refer to is the IHD. The top ups are designed to go on... see more
  • new geo IHD not connecting
    Hi treborsoul This is a simple fix that will require a call to customer services. They can be contacted on 0330 333 7442 Monday to Friday 8am -... see more
  • Telephone top up
    Hi @Tezza99, The smart meters are designed to upload top ups automatically within a few minutes and up to 30 min maximum for the gas, however... see more
  • Forgotten password
    Hi seanpalmer69, I have sent you a private message to assist with resetting your password. We do have other ways to top up such as at a Paypoint... see more
  • Forgotten password
    Hi seanpalmer69 Please check your junk/spam as the password reset emails do sometimes go to this inbox if the email address is not recognised by... see more
  • It's International Nurses Day
    ​​​​​​​ Let us just take a moment to thank all the nurses in our NHS and across the world. We thank you for your efforts everyday but also the... see more
  • Smart Score’s
    Yes, helping the planet and the pocket is what it is all about. Good work! see more
  • Home Screen not connecting
    Hi Clare1992, This will need assistance from customer services to resolve. I am sorry you are struggling getting through on the phone,... see more
  • Smart Score’s
    Hi Michael86, Wow, these are great results, well done. It goes to show that small changes can make a difference. Keep it up and I am sure the... see more
  • E-top-up number different from the one on the physical card
    Hi muse, You will need to speak to someone in customer services for a refund. The number is in my previous response and they are open until 8pm... see more
  • E-top-up number different from the one on the physical card
    Hi @muse, I would advise to get in contact with customer services on 0330 333 7442 or via the live chat here. If there is conflicting information... see more
  • Emergency Credit
    Hi SaleenaTawasin, If the meter is saying not now you may need to wait until the balance is below 50p to then accept the emergency credit. Did you... see more
  • Not understanding how I’m being charged
    Hi @shansu, I am sorry you are having such difficulty. If the call centre is very busy all agents will be taking calls. That is of course not what... see more
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