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  • Introduce yourself!
    Rebecca thank you I am from Glasgow but live in livingston now my husband was in the army for 22yrs so we travelled a lot we have 4 children born in... see more
  • Bad live chat
    Deanthank you for replying Dean, I got through to live chat again and I need an engineer to come out hopefully to sort it out or replace my meter... see more
  • Home Screen not connecting
    Clare1992 did you connect to you home broadband or the smart meter network ,I am giving problems even connecting says connecting since Saturday see more
  • Bad live chat
    Was on live chat at 09.40 till 10.00 told to try later back on 10.15 chat started 10.30 about my home reader not connecting to network went through... see more
  • Introduce yourself!
    Rebecca my name is betsie I rejoined Utilita in July 2022 , I enjoy reading and watching TV soaps,and police dramas I live in Scotland and 74yrs old... see more
  • In housereader
    I rejoined utilita in July 2021 I was promised an in home reader finally have it but it will not connect to my meters, I have tried moving it closer... see more
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